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Posted by clay.collins On July - 23 - 2013

This is a 25 minute session where I cover some foundational concepts to consider and help the modern worship keyboard musician apply his or her skill to fit into

the modern worship platform.  This is also a good resource for pop and rock music in general.  There are some very useful and valuable tips to apply across styles and platforms.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch these videos.  They will make a huge difference in your Playing.



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  1. Jae Heme says:

    Clay – thanks for making this video. I’ve been a “pianist” since 4th grade, having been taught to sight read classical pieces. I began playing worship about 10 years ago after having not played much at all for the 15 years in between. I’m also a drummer, so I tend to play percussively when I play keys, which isn’t really a good thing. Too much “mashing and bashing chords”. I have figured out how to play various inversions of chords, and even adding 2’s (lowered 9’s?).

    I have been frustrated when my worship leader, who is a keyboardist herself, would ask me to play big, but play without moving, and I never knew what she was asking for, so I’d stack triads, but she’d still not like what I was doing. But she never took the time to teach or train me what she wanted.

    Having just watched your Piano for Modern Worship, I think I now know what she was looking for. Thank you so much. I can’t wait till Sunday to employ these techniques!

    Thank you so much. You should give virtual lessons using Google “Helpouts”! You’re a gifted teacher.

    In His Grip,


  2. clay.collins says:

    Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write. That is so encouraging. I would love to know how things are going for you. Please feel free to email me at and also let me know if there are any questions I can help you with. Blessings!!!

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