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  • Private Lessons

    Clay Collins Music is now offering private lessons in Voice and Piano.  No matter what your level of expertise you will be inspired and and equipped to take your music to a whole new level.  At Clay Collins Music, we feel that each student is unique with individual needs.  Perhaps you are starting at the beginning and needing basic training.  Or maybe you are an experienced musician who needs to go to the next level.  Perhaps you are preparing for[…]

  • Using Multitracks in Mainstage

    Something that has become very popular in churches is the use of backing tracks or also called “Enhancement” tracks.  Sites like and provide these multitracks. has a wide selection of multitracks and many come from the original studio masters.  A multitrack gives you individual tracks or also called “Stems” for each instrument in the song.  Don’t have a bass player one Sunday, no problem.  Add the bass track to your mix and you are good to go.[…]

  • Church Sound on a Budget

    Let me guess, you have just completed your ump-teenth Sunday with less than desired sound quality. Little old ladies covered their ears as they ran screaming from the building and looks of seething rage were directed at a frustrated sound engineer. The bass player looked down to notice a bright blue light glowing from the inside of his moniter. He gives a worried look to the worship leader and says, “uh, is this a problem?”

  • Royal Free Music

    I am currently developing a library of royalty free music that I am making available through I am creating music ranging from cinematic film music to urban. Be sure to visit my profile page and listen to some music. I would love to hear your comments. For those who are looking for royalty free music for your production needs, I know you will find some very useful pieces for your work.

  • Photos By Natasha Brown

    Beth and I recently spent some time with Aaron and Natasha Brown. We had a photo shoot and them hung out at a Tapas Bar. Yes I said “Tapas.”. Get your mind out of the gutter:-). Anyway they are a fantastic couple. Aaron is a tremendous guitar player and producer and she is an accomplished pianist and photographer. They both work at Gateway and are highly valued leaders in their fields. Natasha took some amazing photos of us for the[…]

  • Piano Tips

    I studied Classical piano for years and really wouldn’t be the player I am today if it had not been for that grueling period in my life. However, the most impacting experience was a 10 minute session with 57 year black organist in West Texas. My eyes were glued to his fingers and it is the formation of my playing style. I am going share my best tips that I have learned over the years in 10 minute lessons. I[…]

Voice Lessons

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Clay Collins Music now offers Voice Lessons.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vocalist, you will benefit greatly from our expertise and teaching techniques.  We will help you unlock your true potential as a singer.  The three principles we teach are power, presence and passion. Power There is no such thing as a timid singer or a soft singer.  I have never met a timid 2 year old and if they can belt out big sound, so can you.[…]


Piano Lessons

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Clay Collins has several options for you to take private piano lessons.  You can purchase individual sessions, a group of four at a significant discount.  Be sure to check out our Starter Package for students who don’t yet own a piano.  There is no reason you shouldn’t begin investing in your musical gift.  Lesson Packages With individual packages you can purchase studio sessions as you need them.  Perhaps you are preparing for an audition and just need to get prepared.  Or[…]


Piano Tips for Modern Worship

Posted by clay.collins On July - 23 - 2013 2 Comments

This is a 25 minute session where I cover some foundational concepts to consider and help the modern worship keyboard musician apply his or her skill to fit into the modern worship platform.  This is also a good resource for pop and rock music in general.  There are some very useful and valuable tips to apply across styles and platforms.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch these videos.  They will make a huge difference in your[…]


A Matter of Trust

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Not many of us can say that we have experienced being inside a tornado, but for one storm chasing crew, this became a horrifying reality.  Recently, dozens of tornados have swept through U.S. cities leaving paths of destruction and death in their wake.  I was particularly drawn to a story reported on Fox News about how Reed Timmer and his crew found themselves literally inside a tornado.  I watched the video footage stunned that anyone could experience such an encounter[…]


The Casual Christian

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I was talking with a friend of mine who told me about a recent experience in her church.  It was the middle of the worship set and the song had a cool acoustic vibe to it.  She looked around the worship center and saw hundreds of people very into what was happening.  Her eye caught one guy sipping his latte, nodding his head, almost as if he was saying: “This is really cool.  I like this.”  She began to ask[…]


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In the last Multitrack Video I showed you how you can use Logic to change the key of your multitrack stems for re-exporting and using in Mainstage.  It is also possible to accomplish this directly in Mainstage.  It is a lot easier to do and works really well.  This video covers how to do this and the pro’s and cons for doing this directly in Mainstage.


05 Vibrato

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Here I briefly talk about vibrato and the role I believe plays on the vocal performance.  When I was young, I was instructed by my voice teacher that in order to maintain pitch and keep the vocal cords healthy, I had to always sing with vibrato.  I used to work hard to produce what they referred to as “Natural Spin.”  Well since I was trying to make it happen and it was pretty much expressed to me emphatically that it[…]


04 Neutral Larynx

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Here I will talk about how to sing with a neutral larynx.  This is also called the adams apple for many can prove to be a problem when singing.  Many singers find that their larynx moves up as they sing higher and down as the sing lower.  I will demonstrate how to keep the larynx neutral which in turn relaxes the voice while producing strong and clear sound.  This type of singing is also called speech level singing because most[…]


03 Technical Vs Passionate Singing

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In this video I am going to differentiate between what I call Technical vs Passionate singing.  While technique is an important part of singing that must be learned, it is NOT what makes a good singer.  I could scan a piece of sheet music into a computer and it could play it back technically perfect but it will not be satisfying to ear until it is played by a human with feelings and passion.  The same is true for singing.[…]


02 Singing FAQ

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In this second video, I cover some of the many questions vocalists have regarding their voice and singing.  There are many different approaches to singing and many have their merits, but singing is not an art that is one size fits all.  Conventions that might be true in one type of singing, may not necessarily be true for another.  Wether you are a classical or thrash metal vocalist, the basic goals are the same, produce credible and pleasing performances and[…]