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Posted by clay.collins On January - 30 - 2013

Here I briefly talk about vibrato and the role I believe plays on the vocal performance.  When I was young, I was instructed by my voice teacher that in order to maintain pitch and keep the vocal cords healthy, I had to always sing with vibrato.  I used to work hard to produce what they referred to as “Natural Spin.”  Well since I was trying to make it happen and it was pretty much expressed to me emphatically that it was not optional, I found it difficult to any “Spin” much less make it natural.  I have since learned that singing doesn’t require vibrato any more than speaking does.  We don’t talk with vibrato, why would it be mandatory when singing.  Well, it isn’t.  Once I realized this, I was able to find and use all sorts of vibrato variations depending on the song.  Now all of a sudden it did feel natural because it was coming out of the natural process of producing musical phrases as apposed to following a hard rule.  This is one the myths I was glad to uncover and I hope it releases you from any pressure to force vibrato into your singing.

This is the last of the introductory videos.  Soon I will be posting five more videos followed by five downloadable mp3s.  Here is where the good stuff happens.  Each video will walk you through the five exercises I am going to teach you.  Once you have grasped the concept of how the exercises work, you can download the mp3’s for your daily warmup routine.  If you practice these exercise 15 minutes a day consistently, you will see marked improvement in as little as three weeks.  So stay tuned.  They will arrive soon.

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